Organized Christmas – Notebook

I have a confession. I love binders and have one for my garden, home decor, and yes Christmas. Remember the old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” Whether you are like me and do a whole binder, or just want a couple of forms to keep up with your Christmas cards and gift lists, “Organized Christmas” has it all.
The material on this site can be a bit overwhelming. To simplify things, go to the planner section and select pages that interest you. I chose a Christmas card list, gift list, baking planner, and stocking stuffer list. You get the idea. She also provides a generic binder cover you can print, but I personalized mine. It’s easy to do, just scan a favorite holiday snapshot into your computer and add text into a word document. Print it on card stock and slide in the front of your binder.
No scanner? No problem, just glue an old Christmas photo on front or use the Christmas card you’re sending this year.
First you need to gather  a few supplies:
*Binder with clear front sleeve for cover and pockets in the front and back cover
*Card stock for cover
*Photograph or Christmas card for cover
*Printed forms from
*Dividers for easy access
*Legal Envelope for receipts: Punch holes, write the year, and place in back of binder or keep inside cover pocket. This inexpensive option can help you SAVE money, remember what you’ve purchased, and for whom. I keep my receipts for any Christmas purchases in the envelope (including baking supplies, etc.)  and keep a running total to ensure I stay within my budget.
I keep one of the Christmas cards I send each year (and the Christmas letter if I send one), and any invitations I receive. After adding the event to my calendar, I check my hostess gift supply and make sure I have a small token of appreciation for the host and hostess. On the back of the invitation, I note the hostess gift I gave. This helps ensure I don’t give the same gift to a hostess the following year. I stock up on these small items after Christmas each year when great hostess gifts are marked way down.
Events held in my home always involve food and beverages. Retaining a copy of the menu helps me remember what I served for each function. I note on the back of the menu items that were hits and dishes that weren’t as popular.
Set to print out your pages?  Head over to Organized and print your Christmas Organizer. Let’s get started!


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