The Muir House


A book review of The Muir House
Jo Rae Johnson
Did your childhood leave holes in memory or heart? Has your painful past eroded today’s joy? What if returning home could open a time capsule where untold memories are held? Would you go?
Willa Muir is on a quest for missing memories. Clues to her past flit in and out, like a butterfly that touches down and is off again. The glint of a gold ring, a green-eyed man, vague words of hope and home alight then fly away.
“What if home is a person, Wills? What if I am your home?” Hale’s words, and the gold ring he managed to slip on her finger, pushes Willa back to her childhood home to uncover secrets left hidden there.
Her mother’s declining health and wandering mind offer little hope of revelation.  The Muir House caretaker (the other keeper of the past) is resolved to keep her mouth shut and Willa’s questions unanswered. A showdown between the younger “Facebook tell all” generation and the “silence saves face” older generation ensues.
As Willa struggles to emerge from her protective cocoon, an old flame from the past hovers dangerously close while Hale seems to have taken permanent flight. Does the one who “understood her story not from the recounting but in the living it” have an edge over the man who calls himself her home?
Willa’s search for home is one we all can understand. Her resolve to remember rewards her with healing and wings to take flight. I found this book not only entertaining, but enlightening.  The Muir House is a great read; you’ll not want to put it down.
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