January Gardening Checklist

Purple Beautyberry

LAWN—The rainiest and the coldest months of the year are usually January and February. Avoid walking on soggy garden soil, particularly clay found in the Piedmont (Upstate South Carolina).  On dry days, mow dormant, warm-season lawns. Mowing will remove fallen leaves and pine needles. Check lawn for winter weeds.

PRUNE—Now is the time to prune hybrid tea roses. They bloom only on new wood. Cut back canes one-third to one-half its height leaving canes at least 18 inches long. Cut above a swelling bud pointing out from the center. Remove all suckers and dead wood. Prune climbing roses to remove twiggy growth and weak shoots. Prune canes that flowered last year to three or four buds.

BIRDS—With gardens bare and bird baths frozen, our feathered friends are without food and water. Make bird treats to hang from tree limbs and put out seed and water.  (Bird treat recipes can be found on my website www.itsallabouthome.com)

PREPARE—As long as soil is not wet or frozen, begin turning the soil in beds.

PLAN—Peruse seed catalogs and plan your vegetable and flower gardens.

PLANT―Even during the chill of January, you can plant new shrubs and trees. If you don’t see much color in your landscape during the winter, consider planting shrubs with bright colored berries. One of my additions this month will be Beautyberry. Its bright purple berries will complement my pink and purple themed garden nicely and liven up the gray days of winter.

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  1. Vonda Skelton, 14 January, 2012

    Beautiful berries/plant! Did you take it?

  2. jorae, 15 January, 2012

    Although I took many of the gardening photos of plants in bloom in my garden, I didn’t have a beautyberry when I wrote this article. A friend kindly donated one to me prior to my selling my home and perhaps the new owners are enjoying the gorgeous purple berries in bloom now. Blessings in the new year to you, Vonda.

  3. Dr. Linda B. Greer, 14 January, 2013

    Soggy soil is good for pulling up unwanted seedlings in your gardens, too. Got lots of those! In fact, some are small trees now and will have to be sawed down. Happy New Year, friend!


  4. jorae, 15 January, 2013

    Great tip, Linda! Weed pulling in a light rain (or after a rain) just makes sense, doesn’t it? Happy New Year to you too, my friend. 🙂

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