July Gardening Checklist

LAWNS― July heat is hard on your lawn. Help your lawn out with these few suggestions:

  • Raise your mower blade and cut less often.  Tall turf shades the soil, slows evaporation, and reduces weeds. Allow lawn clippings to stay in place to help hold in moisture and add nutrients to your soil.
  • Water deeply and less often. Try an hour once a week or at most twice per week. Water early in the morning before the sun comes up.

FLOWERS—Flowers can thrive, even in the hottest months of the year. To maintain the beauty blooming in your garden, remember to:


  • Continue to pinch the top ½ to 1 inch of new growth from your mums during the first part of July. Mums, left unattended, can become leggy and unattractive..
  • “Deadhead” your perennials that have bloomed. Not only will you have a neater looking garden, you’ll encourage repeat blooming.
  • Turn, Turn, Turn—Keep your hanging baskets and containers beautiful and full by turning them every few days. By giving your containers an equal amount of sunlight, you’ll keep your plants from being one sided.
  • Weeding—Keep the spotlight on your plants by eliminating the unsightly weeds in your beds. Try setting aside a small amount of time for weeding daily. When broken down in small time increments, this chore won’t feel as tedious.
  • Share—If you’ve been blessed with a garden blooming in fragrant color or have a bounty of vegetables, share them with others. Your thoughtfulness will brighten someone’s day.
  • Plan—Fall will be here before you know it. Take pictures of each area of your yard and keep a “what’s blooming” journal. When fall planting season arrives, you’ll have a head start on knowing what colors and plants will compliment your existing landscape.


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