June Gardening Checklist

Garden Week – June 5-11
Summer begins June 21st
  • To encourage branching and development of compact bushy mums, pinch them back beginning in the spring as soon as the new growth is 4-6″ tall.  Use your thumb nail and index finger to remove about 1/2 of the new growth at the top of each and every shoot.  Repeat this procedure through the summer on new shoots 3-5” long.
  • Prune your climbing roses after they finish their spring bloom. Remove dead or weak wood. These plants will set flower buds for next year during the summer, so pruning later might remove next year’s flowers.
  • Deadhead bulbs and annuals. Remove spent blossoms from spring-flowering bulbs and annuals. Let bulb foliage die back without removing it.
  • Fertilize warm-season grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysi.
  • According to the Farmer’s Almanac, June 9-11th are favorable dates for planting flowers and vegetables (peas, beans, tomatoes)
  • Flowering shrubs, roses, and annuals to promote flowering.
  • Temperatures have been way above average for this time of year with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. Water containers daily. Set irrigation system to run early in the morning. In the Piedmont area, our clay soil requires more frequent, shorter cycles in order for water to soak in.
  • Staycationing? Enjoy your backyard garden room. Bring the fun outside.
  • Traveling near Myrtle Beach? You won’t want to miss Brookgreen Gardens. This beautiful oasis offers something for the entire family. Learn a little South Carolina rice history on their water tour, stroll through their formal gardens, and enjoy some cool summer evening musical entertainment. http://www.brookgreen.org/

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