Your GPS For Your Writing Journey

An E-Book Review
Jo Rae Johnson
11 Secrets of Getting Published, by Mary DeMuth, is a must have for every writer wishing to find their way through the publishing maze.
Mary’s topics include:
  • Learn the Craft
  • Develop Discipline
  • Know the Publishing Industry
  • Welcome Critique
  • Write Great Queries and Proposals
  • Embrace Marketing
  • Overcome Fear and Rejection
  • Understand the Key Players
  • Navigate Writers Conference
  • Excel in your Genre
  • Thrive in your Career
Bonus sections include typical excuses for NOT getting published, quick writing advice, and the path to publication.
Don’t get lost in the manuscript shuffle. Find the shortest route to your destination by reading 11 Secrets of Getting Published. At $4.99, this trip is a real bargain!