I’ve always loved to play house.  In elementary school we’d play in the woods and used pine straw to outline our homes and the rooms within. When we returned to our homes, they often had scattered with the wind and we had to build all over again.

Back in the classroom our instruction wasn’t limited to reading, writing and arithmetic. The curriculum included the art of making a home. My 5th grade sewing project was a favorite. We made an apron that sported three pockets attached to a simple waistband and tie. My apron was the color of an egg yolk, sunny side up.  The day the last stitch was sewn we put on our aprons and ran outside for recess.  A boy, in an attempt to catch me, grabbed one of my apron pockets. The rip, and my response, could be heard all the way to the Principal’s office.

In 2000, my best friend Lisa sent her annual Christmas letter. Lisa’s home-schooled daughters were attending a Christian homemaking program for girls.  Her letter inspired me to start It’s All About Home the following year in my church home. My daughter Lauren, and her elementary school-aged friends, met with me monthly to learn a new homemaking skill or craft. Our curriculum also included acts of service.

My daughter has grown up and God moved It’s All About Home into homes via television and radio. It’s a joy to share my favorite recipes, gardening tips, and decorating ideas with others. The desire of my heart is to encourage women to bring beauty home, and the beauty is you. The Bible gives us our outline of home and our cornerstone is Jesus Christ. The homes He builds aren’t made of straw, and no huffing and puffing is going to blow them away.