God said Go, She said, “Whoa!”

Call of a Coward
 Being willing to do something and actually following through are entirely different things. Ten years had past since the day Marcia and her husband Bob said, “I do” and “I’ll go.”
So when Bob comes home from a mission trip and says God has called them to serve an orphanage in Guatemala, Marcia’s initial reaction was “Whoa!” It was comfortable under their patchwork security blanket made up of Bob’s union job, a house in the suburbs, and a teaching job she loved. Tightly sewn into that blanket was their young daughter, Lily. What about her?
I haven’t visited Guatemala, but I felt like I was there while reading Marcia’s picturesque story of women “in their colorful village wraps and elegantly plaited headdresses—statuesque princesses in plastic flip flops” and “clumps of brazen bougainvillea that flaunted their purples and salmons and magentas over the adobe wall.” You will also see God’s presence and provision in amazing ways in her transparent struggle in the well-worn path from fear to faith.
Marcia Moston’s Call of a Coward entertains, enlightens, and encourages as you follow Marcia’s travels from Guatemala to Vermont. Short enough (at 135 pages) to be read in one sitting, you’ll enjoy the day-trip into trust found here.