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WATER—August heat necessitates daily watering for your outdoor containers and hanging baskets. Lawns need water too. Summer sun stresses turf grasses. Keep an… 0

January Gardening Checklist

Purple Beautyberry LAWN—The rainiest and the coldest months of the year are usually January and February. Avoid walking on soggy garden soil, particularly… 4

July Gardening Checklist

LAWNS― July heat is hard on your lawn. Help your lawn out with these few suggestions: Raise your mower blade and cut less… 0

June Gardening Checklist

hydrangeas Garden Week – June 5-11 Summer begins June 21st PRUNE: To encourage branching and development of compact bushy mums, pinch them back… 0


portulaca May is the time to: PLANT VEGETABLES – beans, cantaloupe, cucumbers, eggplant, honeydew, okra, southern peas, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and watermelon…. 0

April Gardening Checklist

PLANT: It’s time to plant! April is a great month to plant. Add trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials. If you felt your spring… 2

March Gardening Checklist

Spring Arrives! March 20th Last Frost Predicted April 4th Clean Up: Continue clean-up of beds of dying foliage, sticks and leaves. Cut Back:… 2

February Gardening Checklist

Camellia Clean Up: Continue clean-up of beds of dying foliage, sticks and leaves. Cut Back: Now is the time to cut back ornamental… 0

December Gardening Checklist

CLEAN IT UP – Now’s the time to clean up and store your lawn mower and garden tools. If you’re like me, it… 0

November Gardening Checklist

October Gardening Checklist

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